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Hi there

I’m trying to do some word clouds for staff at my son’s Special School, they work so hard with children of a range of disabilities. I’ve uploaded my shape but I’d like to overlay it on a rainbow background. Is there a way I can make everything transparent behind the words? So transparent shape (I know how to do that, I think) but also transparent around the shape?

I’ve picked a really difficult and complicated picture to do, which is my own fault but as its been agreed by the school, I can’t change my mind now.

Any help would be greatly received!

Thank you
Rachel (P.S. Have attached the ridiculous shape I’m trying to do!)

School logo

You can make your shape transparent via

  • Shape
  • Shape options
  • click on shape mask options
  • move the transparency slider to the left
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You can also use your image as shape by uploading it

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And you can when uploading your shape let it inherit the shape colors.

Tip: play with the option menu and set min word size to smaller and decrease word margin

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m so happy I asked and you answered. My life just became so much easier!! I’m pleased with how it looks!! I wish we could save them so we could come back to them another time lol!

You can.

Just go to → File → Save (.wcld2).

You can open it later to continue your work via → File → Open