Confused with fonts

Hello !

I have recently discovered WordClouds which looks very good for my purpose.

But there is something I don’t understand at all.

It is possible to have several fonts in a project:


But I don’t understand how to assign a given font to a given line in the word list editor.
It is possible to change color (No need for me, the target is a SVG picture for a laser) , weight, but impossible to assign a font to a given text…

It seems to assign randomly the 3 fonts to any text. has this feature (But it is horribly expensive !)

Thank you for your help !

This is correct, fonts are applied to words randomly.

ooooh, what a pity !

Is there some plans to upgrade wordcloud to take this key feature into account ?

Do someone has a link to use wordcloud locally on its own computer (I have seen some python code, but not sure if it this really usable) so that I Could eventually use this ‘font’ feature

Thanks !

No, you cannot currently set fonts-per-word yourself. Desktop-wordclouds software seems virtually non-existant… at least, I haven’t found anything useful.
Good luck!