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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of words a word cloud can contain?
How can I uses short phrases so I keep two or three words together?
You can just edit the Word list and enter short phrases in the Word column. Or you can connect words in your input document with a ~ character like this: this~is~a~phrase. In the Options you can then determine if you want a phrase to be shown horizontally (space) or vertically (newline).
Why are all my words in lowercase?
When you extract words from a document or web page, you'll see an option Ignore word case. By default, this is enabled. Ignore word case means that if the document contains the words Lorem, lorem and LOREM, this will result in one word (lorem) being drawn in lowercase, with a count of 3.
Disable Ignore word case to distinguish words in upper and lowercase.
Why do some (stop)words from a document not appear?
When you extract words from a document or web page, you'll see an option Ignore stop words. If enabled, frequently-used, but unimportant words, such as the, and, or or are ignored.
If you want these words drawn, uncheck Ignore stop words in the Extract words window.
I see the message X words, Y not drawn. What does it mean? Why are not all the words being drawn?
Fitting all words in the cloud shape you choose is a complicated process. We do our best to make all words fit, but don't always succeed. If not all words fit (Y not drawn), move the Density slider to the left until the not drawn message disappears.
How can I create a word cloud without a specific shape, that fills the entire available space?
From the Shape » Select shape menu, click the No shape button.
How do I change the shape background image of my wordcloud?
You can change this via the Shape » Shape options menu. Check or uncheck Draw shape mask to draw the shape background. You can also change the color of the shape background there and set the opacity of the shape background.
How do I get a transparent background behind my word cloud?

In the menu bar, click File » Wordcloud background. Select the Color tab. Open the color picker, then click the checkered box, then Ok.
Save the word cloud as a PNG image (the JPG file format does not support transparency).
What happens to documents I upload to wordclouds.com?
We store your document for less than a second, only to be able to extract and count the words in it. When this is done, your document is immediately removed from our server.
Processing the word list and drawing the word cloud all takes place in your browser (fully client side).
How can I increase the size of a specific word?
The size of a word in the word cloud is proportional to the number of times the word appears in the input text. In the word list you can see and alter that frequency. Edit the word list and increase the frequency to enlarge a word.
How do I give a word a specific color?
Click Word List » Edit. Make sure the Color column is visible (if it isn't, click Toggle column » Color). Now click the color cell behind the word you wish to color. A color picker will pop up where you can choose a color for the word.
I'd like to make some/all words in the cloud clickable.
Click Word List » Edit. Make the URL column visible: Toggle column » URL. Now you can enter URLs for the words you want to become clickable.
You can download the result as a HTML image map via File » Save as image (either or ), select .HTML imgmap. If you open the HTML file you download here, the words in the word cloud will be clickable.
What Office documents can I upload to generate word clouds?
We support the following Office document types: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx.
How can I extract words form an OpenOffice or LibreOffice document?
Export your document to PDF and upload that PDF file (Word List » Extract words from PDF document).
I'd like to save a wordcloud for editing later.
You can save a .wcld2 file via File » Save (.wcld2). This file can be opened at a later time via File » Open (.wcld2). It will restore your word cloud for further editing.
Can I create a custom size word cloud?
Yes you can, via File » Canvas size. The maximum width and height is 2000px. You can download an even higher resolution image (up to 5000x5000px) via File » Save as image .
Can I have a custom background for my word cloud?
Yes, you can upload your own background image. Click Shape » Select shape, then select the Upload tab. Then drag your image onto the background image box or click browse….
How can I make a word cloud with special characters, icons or emoticons?
We support UTF8 symbols. You can use all Unicode symbols for creating word clouds. To find symbols, go to UTF8icons.com. Copy the symbol you want to use and paste it into the word list here.
Are there any restrictions on using my word clouds?
The word cloud images you create are yours to use any way you see fit. Feel free however to give credit to Wordclouds.com and spread the word! You are even allowed to use the generated word clouds commercially.
Can I embed Wordclouds.com or get the complete code?
No. It is not allowed to copy or redistribute our word cloud generator in any way.
On what devices can I use Wordclouds.com?
Wordclouds.com can be used with any modern browser on PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.