Flip the wordcloud so it's laying down

I want to flip the image so that it’s laying down instead of standing up and then use random directions. When I use random now, some words are in the wrong direction and if I just use “vertical direction”, then the words isn’t spread out in a random way that I would like.

Would really appreciate a quick answer!

We do not support rotating a shape. If you need that you need to create and upload your own shape via → Select Shape → Upload.

If you need to spread out words better in the shape: use the big slider above the image and move it to the right. You can also edit your result in poster maker and manually move words in the correct position.

Correction: we’ve now added this feature to wordclouds.com. You can now rotate and flip shapes: Click “Shape”, then “Shape options”, then pick your transformation in the “Mask transformation” menu.

Great, thank you so much! :slight_smile: