How to create an oval shape word cloud

I am trying to make a simple word cloud that has 10-15 words in an oval mask in which the words vary by size according to a weighting scale and vary by color.

The classic word cloud does some of that, but I cannot find the oval mask in the current shapes.

Hi Sam,

Oval shape: click “Shape”, then “Select shape”. Select the first shape onder “Font Awesome”, that is the oval shape.
Then uncheck both “Auto fit” and “Repeat words”, and move the slider to the left until all words fit in the oval shape.

These steps should result in the word cloud you describe. Good luck!

sorry - did not work
never dd see an oval shape

See the attached image, I have circled it in red.

I made his here last year

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Thank you for pointing out the oval shape I had found it before but it does not appear on my screen

here isa screen sot

You’ll have to click on ‘Shape’ and then ‘Select shape’ first.