Request help creating cartoon

Good Day to All:
I’m not tech savvy. I built a motorcycle ground up, and want a unique tank art, that I can have duplicted.
Did anyone see the Our Gang episode called “Hi Neighbor” ? Thats the theme, only with a old style Harley. Buckwheat in front, middle finger up, the rest of the crew behind. All have handlebars, The captioning "O-TAY!! said by all.
Thanks& Happy Trails


Maybe be a bit more specific on what help you need. Just play around with our tool. You can’t break anything

Hi Bram, Thanks for replying. As lame as this sounds, I have no idea how to even start using your tool. I’m not lying when I say how tech backward I am. Is there a tutorial ?
In all honesty, I was hoping maybe someone skilled would do it.
I have the idea in my head, but bringing it to life is beyond my brain cell count.

I am sorry but there is no tutorial.

A cartoon consists of frames. We already show the first frame of a cartoon. To add more frames click in +.

In a frame you can select a setting, add props (people, animals or objects , text, speech bubbles.

When you created several frames you can save your cartoon as image, animation or video.

Just try all buttons.