Words weight issue

I’m back on WordClouds after a while to build an up to date rendering. I discovered some nice enhancements. That’s great :slight_smile:
I’m facing one issue though. It seems that the weight of words is not taken into account anymore: I see some words with the same weight displayed with different sizes.
I’m uploading a CSV file with about one hundred of unique words, each one having a weight between 1 and 7. I did a test with weights dispatched between 1 and 99 (which seems to be the maximum) with the same results.
Please advice.


Welcome again:

Please uncheck the auto-fit option just above your wordcloud image (left of the slider).

Wow, it was here, just under my eyes! :slight_smile:
Thanks Bram, I’m now back on the rendering and behavior I was used to.

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